VESSEL is a New York-based studio designing furniture and lifestyle objects that catalyze creation. Our pieces encourage complex dialogue and rich exchange within the community, bringing together individuals who seek meaningful connections with the people around them.
VESSEL lives as an intimate forum for sharing and expression amongst peers seeking to cohabitate and co-create. We celebrate the nuance of individual diversity and interpretation through the lens of design, facilitating how they intersect and collide amidst collaboration to create a collective discourse. We care about uplifting each idiosyncratic voice and narrative to form a thriving, deeply-rooted community.
VESSEL is committed to crafting beautifully distinct pieces alongside intentional utility and function, consciously engineered and manufactured with carefully selected materials. Partnering with local artisans and craftsmen in support of sustainable production, we are dedicated to making unique products of timeless quality accessible and affordable for all.
VESSEL seeks to reinterpret the archive while looking towards the future, adapting historical references and elements of design into modern contexts. We believe in longevity - our goal is to create pieces that endure and evolve dynamically over time to become classic heritage for later generations.
VESSEL was created by Oliver Sheu out of a desire to learn from other creatives and cultivate a figurative meeting point that embraces thoughtful creation, fosters deeper connections within the community, and nurtures spirit.